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I was thinking about inventive swing tags and have purchased an ornate corner punch to make my wallpaper price tickets that little bit more special. But what to do with my fabric scraps? Turn them into fabric fortune cookies that match the purchased shade – that’s what – and give them to my lovely customers with a little message inside. http://brassyapple.blogspot.com/2008/02/fabric-fortune-cookies.html

What will yours foretell?

I want my customers to go gooey with delight – over their new shade, the price, and me and my efforts to love ’em!


Fresh floral fancy

Hot and daring damask

Bold Eastern bright

Gold, mulberry and mocha luxury

Opulent Oriental

Vintage boudoir paisley


Stabbed myself with my extremely sharp rotary cutter which I use to cut fabric. Blood quickly beading away on my little finger whilst Fraser struggled to open the plaster wrapper. I could have bled to death! Two plasters on and with a slightly numb pinkie, I’m okay. And pleased with the shades I made tonight – one using gold and mulberry Osborne and Little wallpaper edged with mocha satin bias tape. It looks luxurious and it’s for my bedroom – yippee!

Welcome! Tell me your thoughts.

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