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Dear Lovely Readers,

This is the end of my old and faithful WordPress blog. I have upgraded to a fully functioning webstore. Designed by Sorbet Design, it oozes everything I ever wanted Quincy Lampshades to be – bright, colourful, friendly and accessible. You can find out about lampshade making parties, bespoke shades, designs, trade and shop. I have many plans for my blossoming business which I will continue to share with you via the blog on my new site. Come and join me there!

(In fact, I feel terribly emotional about leaving this blog behind… I have shared my ups and downs, my ambition and mistakes. You guys have commented, liked, and read. Thank you for seeing me through.)


S’bout time I introduced another beauty… please welcome Yellow Vintage Aviary. Now available via my online shop.

It was about time I gathered these beauties together for a wee photo shoot. Don’t they look delectable?

All I did was reply to a Tweet from Bouf (one of my stockists) who asked how everybody’s day was going. I said I needed ‘a bit of a push’ and I got one! Thank you, Bouf.

Is there beautiful fabric languishing in one of your cupboards, desperate to get out into the world? Why not give it a new life as a lampshade? You provide the fabric, specify the diameter and depth, and I’ll do the rest. Your beautiful fabric could be centre stage and attracting admiring glances. I’ve worked with some lovely fabrics, ranging from Lecien’s Flower Sugar Stripe Blue, Sanderson’s Dandelion Clocks and some stunning Osbourne & Little silks and voile. Set your fabric free – get in touch (contact form).

Alright, alright. I admit it. These were not my idea, but my very clever husband’s. I poo pooed him, then paused and had a think. So, thanks to you guys for voting, I went ahead and bought small quantities of gorgeous Christmas fabrics to make these cheerful shades. Who knows, someone might buy one!

Welcome! Tell me your thoughts.

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