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I’m a bit sad. One of my most gorgeous fabrics has gone out of print and I can’t get any more. I have just enough to make one last 45cm standard lampshade, like the one below.  I love this Alexander Henry fabric – it whispers ‘Quincy’ to me. It seems to encapsulate what I’m about – bold, fresh and beautiful. The ornate Japanese Odoriko dancers hold court, floating on a sky blue background, whilst cherry blossom swirls at their feet and golden flowers frame their elegance. If you want it, shout now. Or forever hold your peace.


Manky Lampshades are back! But this time you can win a wonderfully winsome June Song Tea Standard Lampshade worth £94.95. I think that’s pretty darn generous, don’t you? Visit me on Facebook where you’ll find all the details on the Photo Contest tab.

Phewee! At last I have got my hands on more June Song Tea by Alexander Henry. This beautiful and popular fabric has been out of print and unavailable in the UK for the last couple of months, so I had to look to the US to ensure I got it faster than waiting for UK stockists. The lovely Leslie at LadyButton Fabrics is a treasure and did all she could to get this hefty bundle to me double quick smart – just 9 days!

All I did was reply to a Tweet from Bouf (one of my stockists) who asked how everybody’s day was going. I said I needed ‘a bit of a push’ and I got one! Thank you, Bouf.

I was kicking myself. I was so cross. I’d sent a 45cm standard lampshade in June Song Tea to Lesley in Richmond, but I’d used a terrible box. Upon opening, Lesley found the shade to be completely crumpled. Oh no! Stupid, silly me. Of course, I offered to replace the shade for like or to issue a refund. After a bit, Lesley actually decided that she loved the shade so much she still wanted it, but she wanted an even bigger one at 50cm! It was a challenge – my biggest shade to date and I was very nervous making it. So nervous that I botched the first attempt. I lost a load of Selopar. Yet, in the process of rectifying my mistake I learnt the best, neatest, most efficient way to successfully navigate that tricky additional seam on the large shades.

Lesley and I had some late-night email exchanges where we worked out a way of getting the shade to her – on her way home to Richmond from Wales, Lesley and her husband took their normal stop at Gordano Motorway Services where I met them for the handover. With a crumpled lampshade sitting on top of their car, I  could not miss them. Lesley was delighted with her new shade and it was a real pleasure for me to meet such lovely customers.

I learnt four valuable lessons:

  1. Don’t take chances with postage
  2. Create seam and fabric length before applying Selopar
  3. Solutions can be found using open and honest communication
  4. Running your own business is nerve-racking!

Yes, I lost some money. But I gained a chunk of confidence. Job done.

Here’s what Lesley said:

Our feet haven’t touched the ground since we got home but have thought once or twice that asap I’d let you know that the shade is a huge success.  When I have a spare moment I’ll take a photo and send it to you.  It’s now the fulfilment of my imagination – I love it!  Thank you so much.

Regards and appreciation

Lesley x

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That Bird Lamphade goes Supersize. Truly large and lavish. 45cm diameter shade in Alexander Henry June Song Tea. I can hear the wee birdies chirping away from here… If you like, you can buy it here or a smaller version here. Or you could always just drop me a line.

How can a black lampshade be so brilliant? When it’s adorned with lacquer red and bright white Odoriko dancers, swimming with cherry blossom and glittering gold petals. It works very well indeed here, in a customer’s very lovely dining room.

Welcome! Tell me your thoughts.

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