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My relationship with embroided fabrics has ended. It just wasn’t working out. An initial flirtation led to a date, but I’ve realised there’s no spark between us. (Frankly, it was deceptive. Beautiful on the outside, but, inside, frayed at the slightest stress – not well tempered at all.) It’s a lesson learned. We’re not even going to be friends. Will someone else fall for it? Could you have a long and happy life together?


Spring! The sun is shining, the grass needs cutting, bulbs are making their merry way up, up, up to the sun. Here’s a wee birdy standard lamp shade to celebrate. Brilliant turquoise, fresh green and crisp white. (Is the birdy twittering? I am. Follow me, if you like!)

Twittering Spring birdy

Surely not? But this is super nice. Black background, littered with gold petals. Serene salmon pink and dark red Japanese Odoriko dancers float among petite cherry blossom. Divine.

Japanese Odoriko dancers on black and gold

Alas, I have to surrender these to my friends (for a small price). Otherwise it may have been pistols at dawn. The standard lamp shade is a stunner – 45cm diameter by 30cm high. Gives a great light. You’d pay £70-£80 for one of these in the shops (that’s if you could ever find one like it!!)

Welcome! Tell me your thoughts.

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