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Back in December I was unsure about Quincy Lampshades so I cast my net and looked for a paid job. I applied for a post I found via Gumtree – a small Bristol-based business was looking for a customer service assistant. I could do that, no problemo, what with my understanding of ensuring every customer’s happiness, especially when it comes to small business. The reply I received was unusual… I was rejected on the grounds that perhaps I wanted to supply lampshades to them instead! A sign? Or serendipity?

Today, after 8 months (during which time I happily decided to go full-tilt with Quincy), Belle and Boo are now proudly selling beautiful lampshades made by me.

“Welcome to the world of a bob haired little girl called Belle and her adorable bunny friend Boo – a charming world of innocence, warmth and adventure. Belle and Boo is a British lifestyle brand known for original, nostalgic ‘story book’ illustrations of children. The collection includes gift items, books, framed artworks, stationery, home wares and a beautiful collection of girls’ clothing.

Belle and Boo has universal appeal and is available in over 500 stockists worldwide. The collection is loved by grown-ups and children alike, with every treasured product designed to embody all that adults and children love about traditional, old-fashioned story telling.”


I do love a good bit of stationery, don’t you? In particular, letterpress. Swoon. Alas, no cash to splash on that but I do have some great stationery designed by Ali Slater as part of our Logo for Lampshades skill-swap…

A Design Diva? Moi? I love being featured on other people’s blogs. The focus of this blog is chic living and being a business mum…

How can you successfully make a lampshade with a 4-year-old boy kicking around?

  1. Postpone interruptions with promises of ‘in a minute’ until child reaches non-stop whining point.
  2. Accept the disturbance and just do/give whatever child wants.
  3. Limit subsequent interruptions by giving them an ‘adult job’.
  4. Take pleasure in child’s imagination and skill.

Voila! One beautiful lampshade and one happy lampshade-maker in the, well, making.


My head has not been on the business this week. I have been daydreaming and taking it easy. So much so that I forgot to tell Lois at OurGreenRoom that I’m not available to work this coming week. And when I did? Frantic emails! One of her customers wasn’t going to get the lampshade they’d bought for their daughter as a Christmas gift. Lois was about to buy a lampshade-making kit and have a go herself! I couldn’t let her do it. So with a nasty hangover and not much sleep I drove all the way to Bradford On Avon and made a lampshade in Lois’s front room – all so that lovely lampshade could be given in time. And it felt good. Good that I didn’t try to duck out. Good that I exceeded expectations. Good that I redeemed myself. Good that I made our customers happy.  It made me realise that, as a small business, you really do have to go that extra mile. (And there’s no such thing as time off.)


Welcome! Tell me your thoughts.

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