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What a coup! That lovely Lori at Tenderfoot has charmed me into selling my lampshades in her utterly scrummy shop in Brislington, Bristol! How could I resist?

Tenderfoot is a real gem – it holds terrific craft workshops and sells the work of some truly standout artists, like Tom Frost and Paul Farrell and Laura Parke. And check out their Glitterfest happening on Sat 2nd July – with a puppet show and face painting and more.

I’m chuffed to chattering about Tenderfoot! A brilliant find all round.


Selling my lampshades through shops is tricky – most shops double the wholesale price then add VAT – thus shooting the price of the product out of the ideal range. But, at I Love Crafty, Laura works differently. She supports local makers like myself by renting out a bit of her shop space on a monthly basis and taking a wee bit of commission on every item sold. So, like Dick Whittington, I packed a bag full of my best stuff, flung it over my shoulder (ahem), and set off for the Big Smoke, otherwise known as the bustling streets of Clifton Village.

Laura was lovely. Approachable and knowledgeable. Her shop bristled with adorable things and positive people. We chatted, but I couldn’t make a decision without running it past the man at home. His ability to turn the numbers and transform them into something I understand is terrific. Maths and me don’t go.

No brainer, decision made. In a few weeks’ time shoppers browsing the wares of The Arcade will see bright, bold and beautiful lampshades hanging in the window of I Love Crafty. Excellenti!

You can now purchase my lampshades direct from a brilliant new shop – Stylistic Gallery – which has just opened, and is very exciting! Have a peek! Here are some of my favourites…

Welcome! Tell me your thoughts.

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