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The last one of these sold today. I made it at my kitchen table this morning and it was at the post office by this afternoon, ready to begin its overnight journey to a lovely customer in London.

This was a really popular lampshade, especially with parents buying for their children’s rooms. So why did I allow it to sell out? Because, quite simply, I didn’t buy enough of the fabric and it has now gone out of print. In my search for more I found that crafting cottons such as these have ‘seasons’ – they are printed for one season only and are usually in the shops for just one or two years until they sell out. It’s very rare that they are reprinted. Sigh. So, next time I see something I love I’m just going to buy a load of it, then keep my fingers crossed that you guys love it too! Another lesson learned. Wave goodbye to our friend the Owl…



Is there beautiful fabric languishing in one of your cupboards, desperate to get out into the world? Why not give it a new life as a lampshade? You provide the fabric, specify the diameter and depth, and I’ll do the rest. Your beautiful fabric could be centre stage and attracting admiring glances. I’ve worked with some lovely fabrics, ranging from Lecien’s Flower Sugar Stripe Blue, Sanderson’s Dandelion Clocks and some stunning Osbourne & Little silks and voile. Set your fabric free – get in touch (contact form).

Welcome! Tell me your thoughts.

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