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On Wednesday I won a great prize that could make a big difference to my business – an editorial photo shoot with photographer Lyndsey James. Not just a product shoot, but a range of pictures that will highlight me, my story and the lampshades. There was another prize too – an intangible one. To win, I needed people to vote for me, so I put my Twitter followers to the test, engaged my emailers and asked my friendly Facebookers to help. The response was just brilliant. I was surprised by the support and I loved it. Thank you, for giving me a prize twice over.

Now, Lyndsey is thinking about shooting in the garden with the shades hanging from a tree. Here’s my garden. What do you think?

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It’s all in the photos. I know that. You know that. Great product photos are so very important when selling online. But what about an editorial photo shoot? Featuring not just the lampshades, but me and the story of my lampshade-making Granddad – magazines love that sort of thing! How I’d love to win this competition to win an editorial photo shoot by photographer Lyndsey James who:

… creates striking imagery for businesses and stunning portraits for professionals [and is] renowned for her ability to capture form and detail in products and a wealth of personality in a portrait … she has positioned herself at the forefront of the business photography industry … from cottage crafters to corporations her clients enjoy honest pricing and a friendly, professional service throughout, with the added benefit of endless creativity and ‘outside the box’ thinking.

About Quincy, she says:

This craft has been passed down through Ruth’s blood line without her even knowing, a story of craftsmanship and family history I would love to tell.

All you have to do is vote for me to win here! Voting closes tomorrow – I’ll keep you posted!

Skippity do dah, skippity day… my oh my.


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