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The Lampshade Mustache…

Modern Gentleman

A well-groomed mustache instantly ages a modern gentleman by about four years — which is not insignificant when he is baby-faced.

It also gives him an aura of mystery. Women who meet a mustachioed modern gentleman wonder: Will he sweep me off my feet or steal my purse?

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Blimey. The Look of Love Lampshade is throwing you a glance or two.

(And in celebration of the book prop ‘The Best Dance Moves in the World… Ever!’ go to my Facebook page to watch me put a Thriller routine into action.)

Oh dear. What have I done? I must have had a moment when buying this fabric… Talk about huge (pattern repeat that is). Who’s your favourite? (Mine is Specs Man). Obscene or audacious – it’s fun.

Welcome! Tell me your thoughts.

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