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My world grew this year. It billowed outwards and encompassed a world of new friends and touched lightly on the shoulders of business. With this alone, I am happy. I have been delighted by reciprocated kindnesses and taken aback by other’s selfless generosity. For me, this year has been about people.

I have made and sold over 200 lampshades. Selling via 5 online shops, one bricks and mortar, two pop-ups, a load of markets and fairs, and from my own home. I  have supplied wholesale and forged a partnership with an interiors supplier. More on-line shops are lined up for early next year, but they’ll be fewer markets and shows – I have to be pickier. Discovering that my grandfather was a lampshade-maker in the 50s was a joyful surprise. Over 20 people have learnt new lampshade-making skills from me. I have embraced and enjoyed social media, networking, and selling. Lampshades have been ripped apart, sold for peanuts, got squashed in boxes. Pricing and quoting has been difficult (the amount of quotes I’ve given for bespoke lampshades without a reply in response is really quite surprising, and dispiriting). I have got through 12 rotary cutters, 2 steam irons, 2 metal rules, one pair of scissors, 100m of fabric, 50m of PVC, hundreds of ringsets, roll upon roll of tape, corner punched hundreds of compliment slips, price-tagged, listed, and spent many hours ironing! Oh, the ironing.  I have grappled with a gazebo, carted around huge boxes, have frozen and fried to a crisp at various markets. I am in profit, and by a decent margin.

What does 2012 have in store? A new range of lampshades. An e-commerce enabled website. A rebrand. Perhaps my own shop on the Gloucester Road, Bristol, for one week only. What would you do, if you were owner at Quincy Lampshades?


All set for Long Ashton Village Market this Saturday (7th May). Looking forward to seeing friendly faces and eyeing up Sue’s cakes…

Here is the lovely and inspiring Paula White, receiving her Cherry Blossom ceiling pendant shade which she won by saying ‘Manky Lampshades’, ever so sweetly, at the Long Ashton Village Market this Saturday. Cherry Blossom is a fab choice – dark stone background with white blossom picked out with wine red centres, brown bark and the tiniest of green leaves. How appropriate for Spring! Paula may even re-design her room around her new shade. (It’s that chicken and egg design thing, again.)

Paula is a social media expert and runs White Social Media. She helps people to develop their skills in the world of all things social media. I consider myself to be a newbie to social media as a tool in running a successful business (you never know, I might make some money from selling lampshades one day), and, I think, I’m doing okay. But if I want to step it up, White Social Media will be my first stop.

All set for Long Ashton Village Market this Saturday (7th May). Looking forward to seeing friendly faces and eyeing up Sue’s cakes…

Welcome! Tell me your thoughts.

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