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In my head I am singing ’99 Red Balloons’… do you remember that song? For a while now I have beavering away making this awesome clutch of shades for Insideout – an award winning gift retailer with shops in Exeter, Dartmouth and Tavistock. Having crunched some very crunchy numbers in February, I was more than ready to supply Nicky with wholesale unit prices and was dead excited when she placed an order for 49 of my most marvellous shades. The order includes the new Fly A Kite Ice Cream by Riley Blake, Vintage Yellow Aviary by Joel Dewberry, Trefle Matroyshkas Cream, French Post by Michael Miller and the favourite, June Song Tea by Alexander Henry. The car is packed and I’m ready to deliver tomorrow. I simply cannot wait to see them in the window of the Exeter store, which can be  found in the swanky Princesshay area of the city. It’s not often you can buy handmade lampshades like this in a high-street store, and at a very reasonable price. So support Handmade and British and let your friends know!




















I was like a rat today. Carefully treading through stinking rivulets of waste and sniffing my way along corridors in the dark and dingy underbelly of Cabot Circus, Bristol. Most unlike a rat though, I was pushing a very noisy and unwieldy cage full of lampshades and pushing the wrong buttons in various lifts, in the hope of finding the Made in Bristol Pop-Up Shop. Bright lights, white walls and the smell of success greeted me on arrival. Oh to be bathed in shop heaven!

Quincy Lampshades are looking totally lush here. Gracing the windows and giving displays a lift. Find Made in Bristol between Dwell and the Sony Shop on the Glass Walk until Mon 14 Nov.

How often do you click yourself round the good old high street shops searching for that certain (adorable) something? Something that’s more ‘you’ than ‘them’?

In my high street searches I could never find that elusive lampshade – something beautiful, something bright, something bold and definitely not beige. So I started Quincy Lampshades. But you don’t have to learn a craft or start your own business every time you want something characterful. You could take a wander down the Handmade High St – there’s shop upon shop filled with gorgeous things, often made by people at their kitchen table or in their studio; made with love for their craft and devotion to their customers. Here’s a few starting points I would recommend. And whilst you’re there, catch my lampshades nestled amongst other Homes and Garden lovelies at the UK Handmade Showcase.

Welcome! Tell me your thoughts.

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