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I’m a lean, mean, lampshade-making machine. Record number of shades made today – I have a big order to fill. Can’t wait to line them all up to show you – they are so, so good. And when I’m not making, I’m on the laptop. My youngest son took these pics of me working – I really like them. My favourite colour? Green.


I’ve laboured over getting my shop stocked at Brighton POD and at last it’s done! Check it out – there’s some great stuff.  Promoting Original Design.

Dinky Quincy Lampshades on delightful bases by Ken Eardley from Radiance Lighting Boutique. Delectable.

Alright, alright. I admit it. These were not my idea, but my very clever husband’s. I poo pooed him, then paused and had a think. So, thanks to you guys for voting, I went ahead and bought small quantities of gorgeous Christmas fabrics to make these cheerful shades. Who knows, someone might buy one!

Spring! The sun is shining, the grass needs cutting, bulbs are making their merry way up, up, up to the sun. Here’s a wee birdy standard lamp shade to celebrate. Brilliant turquoise, fresh green and crisp white. (Is the birdy twittering? I am. Follow me, if you like!)

Twittering Spring birdy

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