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On Wednesday I won a great prize that could make a big difference to my business – an editorial photo shoot with photographer Lyndsey James. Not just a product shoot, but a range of pictures that will highlight me, my story and the lampshades. There was another prize too – an intangible one. To win, I needed people to vote for me, so I put my Twitter followers to the test, engaged my emailers and asked my friendly Facebookers to help. The response was just brilliant. I was surprised by the support and I loved it. Thank you, for giving me a prize twice over.

Now, Lyndsey is thinking about shooting in the garden with the shades hanging from a tree. Here’s my garden. What do you think?

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Manky Lampshades are back! But this time you can win a wonderfully winsome June Song Tea Standard Lampshade worth £94.95. I think that’s pretty darn generous, don’t you? Visit me on Facebook where you’ll find all the details on the Photo Contest tab.

Do you Like me on Facebook? If not, don’t worry. I won’t take offence. But the thing is, if you’re reading this blog post you must be a little bit interested in what’s going on here at Quincy Lampshades. But did you know that I post all sorts of things on my Facebook page? I share links to other people’s lighting, fabric shops, artworks, things happening in Bristol. All sorts really. Take a peek. Check out my lovely new page too, designed for me by hy.ly. They transformed my cobbled together and limp-looking Facebook page into a thing of beauty and functionality (before and after). Sporting a lovely new logo, clean looks and glossy reflections, it showcases me and my lampshades perfectly. It features a short video of me dancing and a swish photo sliding portfolio tab. ‘Contact Me’, Twitter and Shop tabs give you all you need to know. I like it, a lot. Do you? (You can enter their next makeover contest too! Click here.)

If you have a spare click at hand, please ‘Like’ my Quincy Lampshades Facebook page! When I get to 100 Likes, I’ll give a shade away to a Lucky Liker.

Welcome! Tell me your thoughts.

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