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Pah! So June is supposed to be flaming? Flaming dismal more like. I wanted to lift the spirits of my lovely Likers on Facebook by giving everyone a chance to win a June Song Tea Lampshade… if you support me here on my blog, Like my Facebook page too for the chance to win. Good luck and keep smiling! (PS – Giveaway closes midnight 30 June 2012.)


Ice cream colours, duck-egg blue birdies, white cherry blossom, cherry-lipped Russian dolls and rose-laden romantic postcards all peek out of the wide window of Exeter’s Insideout store, catching the bright eyes of passers-by. (D’you know? If I didn’t make them, I’d buy them.)


That Bird Lamphade goes Supersize. Truly large and lavish. 45cm diameter shade in Alexander Henry June Song Tea. I can hear the wee birdies chirping away from here… If you like, you can buy it here or a smaller version here. Or you could always just drop me a line.

Claire, Liz and Lesley have such great taste! They each chose this gorgeous Alexander Henry lampshade in June Song Tea. And they all live in Long Ashton. Perhaps I should introduce these ladies to each other…? You, too, can buy it here.

payment! A customer gave me more than I had asked – that was a compliment and a welcome surprise. June Song Tea should now be settled nicely in its new home – enjoying a real fire, a twisted gold base, the attention of many admirers and hopefully being ignored by the owners’ two young boys!

June Song Tea - Shade

I managed to snatch some time to take photos of my first ‘to-order’ shade. I had to ask for Fraser’s help as I couldn’t get the camera to work, so he sorted it out whilst I put some Lego together with the boys. Fraser fiddled around for a bit, then I fiddled around for a bit (after rescuing poor Robert who nearly got flattened by the huge mirror which was resting on the floor after I’d taken it down to get the composition right). This was the best photo, and I have to admit that, yes, it was taken by Fraser. All the ones I took were pants. So now I have to read the camera manual. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

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