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It’s still odd to see Quincy Lampshades ‘out there’ in the big wide world. From a roll of PVC propped up in my hall and a bashed up box full of fabric, these lovely lampshades materialise at my kitchen table and are stored in my spare room. From my little brain ideas arise whilst my fingers furiously tap at my Apple mac. And here they are – nestled among terrific things. Take a goosey gander at the Blog&Buy Christmas Showcase. Tweet me, Facebook share. I could win a prize.


A lovely blog visitor took the time to comment today, saying:

I thought I have to come and look at these lampshades, because lampshades are lampshades aren’t they, how exciting can they be? But your Quincy Lampshades are beautiful! They are so unique and the fabrics are gorgeous.

Such fabulous feedback keeps me going, especially when Kirstie Allsopp retweeted me to her 140,000 followers last night! I’m so excited (and I just can’t hide it)!

Alright, alright. I admit it. These were not my idea, but my very clever husband’s. I poo pooed him, then paused and had a think. So, thanks to you guys for voting, I went ahead and bought small quantities of gorgeous Christmas fabrics to make these cheerful shades. Who knows, someone might buy one!

Welcome! Tell me your thoughts.

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