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S’bout time I introduced another beauty… please welcome Yellow Vintage Aviary. Now available via my online shop.


I’m a bit sad. One of my most gorgeous fabrics has gone out of print and I can’t get any more. I have just enough to make one last 45cm standard lampshade, like the one below.  I love this Alexander Henry fabric – it whispers ‘Quincy’ to me. It seems to encapsulate what I’m about – bold, fresh and beautiful. The ornate Japanese Odoriko dancers hold court, floating on a sky blue background, whilst cherry blossom swirls at their feet and golden flowers frame their elegance. If you want it, shout now. Or forever hold your peace.

How can a black lampshade be so brilliant? When it’s adorned with lacquer red and bright white Odoriko dancers, swimming with cherry blossom and glittering gold petals. It works very well indeed here, in a customer’s very lovely dining room.

Here is the lovely and inspiring Paula White, receiving her Cherry Blossom ceiling pendant shade which she won by saying ‘Manky Lampshades’, ever so sweetly, at the Long Ashton Village Market this Saturday. Cherry Blossom is a fab choice – dark stone background with white blossom picked out with wine red centres, brown bark and the tiniest of green leaves. How appropriate for Spring! Paula may even re-design her room around her new shade. (It’s that chicken and egg design thing, again.)

Paula is a social media expert and runs White Social Media. She helps people to develop their skills in the world of all things social media. I consider myself to be a newbie to social media as a tool in running a successful business (you never know, I might make some money from selling lampshades one day), and, I think, I’m doing okay. But if I want to step it up, White Social Media will be my first stop.

Why not? These lovely Cherry Blossom hooks are from Rockett St George. Swing tags by me.

Surely not? But this is super nice. Black background, littered with gold petals. Serene salmon pink and dark red Japanese Odoriko dancers float among petite cherry blossom. Divine.

Japanese Odoriko dancers on black and gold

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