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I’ve laboured over getting my shop stocked at Brighton POD and at last it’s done! Check it out – there’s some great stuff. ┬áPromoting Original Design.


My Mac desktop is festooned with various photos of lampshades. Why? Because every online stockist demands different types of photos for their site. Brighton POD has been the most demanding so far, and I’ve been putting off populating my shop with them for ages. But, hey presto, I’ve learnt how to ‘cut-out’ photos, giving each shade a new white background. Very sharp, very clean, very time-consuming. Thanks to YouTube and Gimp and a kick up the bum – here’s the befores and afters (just another 18 to do…)



Just a small problem! Selling my lampshades in gorgeous shops, both online and bricks & mortar, means I keep peeking at stuff and buying it! Not the best way to become profitable. I could easily plump for this quirky milk jug at Bouf, or half the shop at Tenderfoot. Goodness knows what will happen when I start selling at From the Wilde and Brighton POD (happening soon).

Welcome! Tell me your thoughts.

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