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When was the last time you held a lampshade to your cheek in a swoon? When it’s Moda – by MoMo – It’s a Hoot! A gert great owl sits in a tree, festooned with swirls, polka dots and blooms. Featuring a wee birdy and trees teaming in colour and life. If you like, you can buy it online, or from I Love Crafty or Tenderfoot.



Claire, Liz and Lesley have such great taste! They each chose this gorgeous Alexander Henry lampshade in June Song Tea. And they all live in Long Ashton. Perhaps I should introduce these ladies to each other…? You, too, can buy it here.

Remember this?

Well, I made a hash at the seam so it wasn’t good enough to sell. I ripped it apart (oh, how enjoyable) and put the wee birdy to one side. Now it’s this…

Eldest can now hold his head high during the school Easter Bonnet parade. Tweet, tweet!

Spring! The sun is shining, the grass needs cutting, bulbs are making their merry way up, up, up to the sun. Here’s a wee birdy standard lamp shade to celebrate. Brilliant turquoise, fresh green and crisp white. (Is the birdy twittering? I am. Follow me, if you like!)

Twittering Spring birdy

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