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Dear Lovely Readers,

This is the end of my old and faithful WordPress blog. I have upgraded to a fully functioning webstore. Designed by Sorbet Design, it oozes everything I ever wanted Quincy Lampshades to be – bright, colourful, friendly and accessible. You can find out about lampshade making parties, bespoke shades, designs, trade and shop. I have many plans for my blossoming business which I will continue to share with you via the blog on my new site. Come and join me there!

(In fact, I feel terribly emotional about leaving this blog behind… I have shared my ups and downs, my ambition and mistakes. You guys have commented, liked, and read. Thank you for seeing me through.)


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The Lampshade Mustache…

Modern Gentleman

A well-groomed mustache instantly ages a modern gentleman by about four years — which is not insignificant when he is baby-faced.

It also gives him an aura of mystery. Women who meet a mustachioed modern gentleman wonder: Will he sweep me off my feet or steal my purse?

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Ice cream colours, duck-egg blue birdies, white cherry blossom, cherry-lipped Russian dolls and rose-laden romantic postcards all peek out of the wide window of Exeter’s Insideout store, catching the bright eyes of passers-by. (D’you know? If I didn’t make them, I’d buy them.)


I’m a lean, mean, lampshade-making machine. Record number of shades made today – I have a big order to fill. Can’t wait to line them all up to show you – they are so, so good. And when I’m not making, I’m on the laptop. My youngest son took these pics of me working – I really like them. My favourite colour? Green.

A Design Diva? Moi? I love being featured on other people’s blogs. The focus of this blog is chic living and being a business mum…

Welcome! Tell me your thoughts.

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