Happy New Home

Posted on: 01/11/2011

How do you decorate? What comes first? Are lampshades the sugar icing, or the gooey jam in the middle of your cake/room? I have a lovely customer who’s just moved into her new house. She has begun her adventures in decorating with lampshades – seven of them! Two bespoke shades for her living room. Two matching shades but with different diameters for a classy, clean look in her hall. A teeny one for her loo. A birdy one for the bedroom and another for the dining room. She has graced me by saying the shades are like little works of art. She may have had to cart the shades away in not-very-glamourous black bin bags, but her shopping experience in my home was lovelier than traipsing around John Lewis, I’m sure!


3 Responses to "Happy New Home"

Hello Ruth! Congratulations on having such a nice client! She certainly had chosen correct strategy for decorating her place 🙂
I like how you describe it in your question: “are lampshades the sugar icing” – yes, for my home I always use lampshades as sugar icing. But there are lamps in such places of my rented apartment where there is no chance to change their appearance – like bathroom or kitchen that have those fixed and ugly lights installed by the home renting company. Still, I am taking it as challenge and now I am in the process of figuring out how to get some sugar icing there too 🙂

I wish you many more such customers like this lovely lady you wrote about!

what beautiful lamp shades! i might have to send your web address to my friends and family as a (not so!) subtle christmas gift hint 🙂

Hello Sally! Yes – spread the Quincy Lampshade love far and wide!! Thanks too for the Twitter follow. You can come and see my work at the Smithson Gallery in Cabot Circus until the 24th December. It’s a Pop-Up Shop opening this Thurs evening, with a party from 6-7.30pm. Why not come? Drawn In Bristol and the other Pop-Ups will be partying too. Find the Smithson between Dwell and the Sony Shop on the Glass Walk.

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