Fabric Fortune Cookies

Posted on: 17/10/2011

To be brutally honest, I had a crappy day at the baby show yesterday. I didn’t sell a single thing. On the up side, I did meet some lovely ladies who loved the lampshades, and I had a re-think about doing markets and shows. In the spirit of looking on the bright side – here’s my fabulous fabric fortune cookies and some of the motivating messages inside them that really keep me going!


5 Responses to "Fabric Fortune Cookies"

Ah bless you dont be disheartned ,we were quiet too!its not your lampshades as they are amazing and fab i love them all and have already been spreading the word .My friends will love them too.Could you email me over your samples ?.As i def want to order some and come on your course .It was a real pleasure meeting you :-)).m x jamie at home .

Thanks for your kind comments, Marina. It was lovely to meet you yesterday. Here’s the link with info about the lampshade-making course (be quick , there’s only a few places left) http://www.themakeryonline.co.uk/workshops/home-garden/Lamp-Shade-Making/

ps my three boys loved the fortune cookies 🙂

Ooh poor you…. I’m feeling really nervous as we’re doing our first ever Fair on Sunday and I’m worried that nothing will sell. I had no idea it would take so much preparation to sell at a fair… we don’t intend to do many at all but thought we’d give this one a go to see what it’s like… please keep your fingers crossed for us!!!

Your lampshades are GORGEOUS so don’t let it get you down!!!

I’ve got my fingers crossed for you! I normally really enjoy doing fairs – it’s a great chance to chat with lots of lovely people. Let me know how it goes!

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