Lampshade display system

Posted on: 20/07/2011

My Dad is a hero. After abandoning the Ashton Court Farmers’ Market a few months ago due to blustery winds, I called my Dad. It took him just one day to build the ultimate wind-proof lampshade display system. Made from MDF, shower poles and pipe lagging it is the best wind-anxiety buster there is. I laughed, in fact guffawed, in the face of the odd gust of wind at the system’s first outing this weekend, and I could quite happily get on with the job of chatting to customers. He’s so brill! Here’s a wee ditty in celebration of his skills. And now I have another solution to add to the list!

To build a special chicken house,
You need a special man,
Who’ll lie in bed and think and think,
And then draw up a plan.
Hours spent at the table,
Drawing with us in mind,
Hours spent in the garage,
Building the design.
Generous heart, clever hands,
Thought and time combine,
To create a splendid chicken house,
By a Granddad great and craftsman Dad, sublime.
My boys think the world was made,
By this very special man,
With a box of tools, electric drill,
Pencil behind his ear.
Wearing an apron, a smile, and a frown until,
Skill, goodwill, hard work reveal,
A playhouse! A chicken house! Cloches for the veg!
We raise a cheer and shed a tear for all of his appeal.
I know that my Dad is great,
And I have many of his skills,
Charm, good sense, a thinky brain,
And very large nostrils.

1 Response to "Lampshade display system"

Love your little ditty! Dads are wonderful and SHOULD be celebrated in ditties!

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