Japanese Fabric

Posted on: 30/06/2011

I’m always looking at fabric: scrolling and clicking away until, hey! I love this! It’s a Japanese fabric called Wonderforest and it’s certainly that. A forest of monkeys, owls, lions, frogs, cats and snails among toadstools, trees, stars and rainbows. All on white, wavey, red and pink polka dot patches. A little one’s delight. And because of the design this can go either way – a pendant or a shade for a base. You can buy it, if you like, from Stylistic Gallery or I Love Crafty!


5 Responses to "Japanese Fabric"

Those are such cute lampshades! I can relate to looking at fabric, I’m trying to find ways I can save what I like in a wish-list so I don’t feel compelled to buy it on the spot.

Hello Naomi! I wish I could help with finding a fabric wish list organiser thingy! There’s so much gorgeous stuff out there – like a huge, huge sweet shop! I like your covered boxes very much and wish I had a few for my shelves which have been crying out for boxes since forever! Good luck with them.

Your lampshades are all so pretty!!!! I love fabrics myself too, and I am lucky enough to be in Japan, so I could shop for beautiful fabrics anytime I want!

I will definitely come back and check your new works!

Thank you for your lovely feedback! Japanese fabrics are truly adorable. There’s a good import business here for them. One day I may visit Japan – but not for a few years yet.

Thanks for your reply! Its great that you could have access to japanese fabrics! Actually I run an online store selling japanese fabrics too, but right now i aim at people with small handmade projects, but if you would like i would be happy to help!
My store url is asians.etsy.com
Cheers and have a great day!

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