Posted on: 19/06/2011

Hubby was a great help this morning in setting up the gazebo at the Ashton Court Farmers Market. We put the sides on to stop the shades being blown away in the wind, but oh no! The sides acted like a sail and the gazebo nearly set off, even with the leg weights. Poor youngest was holding on and wailing, wailing. So the sides came off  and, with the first gust of wind and nothing to weigh them down, the shades would have gone flying. I made the decision to quit. Sophie, the market manager, was gracious and understanding.

Was I too hasty? Yes. Grappling with a gazebo, watching the children and having an eye on the disappearing time rattled me completely. I didn’t consider alternatives. I could have set up in the back of the car. I could have found a few weights and set up a much reduced display. Another lesson learned.

Thinking hard now to solve the windy issue. This was the set up.



7 Responses to "Defeated"

Just hang in there! Its part of the learning and growing process – I call it “my experience account” and in years to come, it will be a story to tell…

If working for yourself was easy – everybody would have.

‘My experience account’ is a comforting thought. I’ve had lots of credits so far, this is one of only a few debits! Thank you for taking the time to share your kind words.

Bless you Ruth. I looked for you and was sorry not to see your colourful display. Sounds like you had a tough morning. Like The Lampshade Studio says it’s all part of the challenge and the journey and we do our best learning when things don’t go according to plan. If ever I can give you a hand, let me know. It would be my pleasure. x

Today, above all, I learned that my best friend is also my husband and that my children are true gifts. Pass the tissues! Thank you for the offer of help – I would love to hang out with you doing that!

Sorry to hear it was a bit of a blow out (literally!) yesterday. I think these could help weigh the lampshades down whilst still being gentle. If you needed to sew something into them then it would be easy.

Perhaps two long strips of large colourful ribbon sewn into two bean bags which you could drape over the lampshade towers and hold them in place!

Just a thought! Could be a terrible one but had to share.


Hi Rae. Thanks for your brilliant suggestion! I’m doing a market this Sunday and I’m making quick and easy ‘bean’ bags to drape inside the shades, just as you suggest, but I’m going to make them from cheap food bags and pennies! Hopefully they’ll be quick, easy and efficient. But your idea is much smarted and prettier!

Hey Ruth, you’re welcome! I hope it works for you 🙂 Do you have an dried pulses? They could work well too!

Best wishes for Sunday.


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