Posted on: 28/05/2011

This post is for Peter and Carole – both in East Sussex.

Thank you both for ordering your new lampshades via Stylistic Gallery. Unfortunately I have only just realised your orders exist! Stylistic Gallery is a very new shop and I think we have just stumbled upon a bug. I returned from my holiday today to find your orders languishing about in ignorance! I so wish I could contact you both direct to apologise for the silence and delay. It’s certainly not the customer service I strive for! The order sheet does not give me your contact details other than your addresses, nor does it state what kind of shades you would like – whether for a base or a ceiling pendant. I have contacted Stylistic Gallery today and hope for a reply very soon indeed. I will get in touch as soon as I possibly can. Fingers crossed that you’re wondering where your shades are and that you check in here!


PS – Surely it’s not sheer coincidence that you’re both in East Sussex, or perhaps you know each other?


2 Responses to "Service!"

Dear Peter, Carole and Ruth,

I would like to Appologise for the above, it looks like an issolated issue. This does not make it acceptable. As Ruth says we are a new site and are continually improving things for buyers and sellers.

We reacted as soon as we knew of this situation, you can view our response on the forum: http://stylisticgallery.com/forum/thread/?thread_id=59

I hope you both receive your lampshades and that Ruth and yourselves can forgive us.

Kind regards,
Phil Scott

Stylistic Gallery

Dear Phil from Stylistic Gallery,

Working on a Saturday night is real commitment. Thank you for sorting it out. I will email Peter and Carole now. Stylistic Gallery is impressive in its support.


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